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READ ON If your property is suffering from issues with poor flow rates or low pressure as there are now relatively easily solutions available to rectify this ever increasing problem.

With the forever increasing number of properties being connected to our public water supply, the aging pipework of the public water main, simply can’t keep up with demand and this is particularly apparent on many housing estates. The demand for water is increasing, yet our ability to supply water is not keeping up with the demand for multi bathroom properties and increasing popularity of Combination boilers, Unvented Cylinders and High performance showers.

Today’s Combination Boilers and Unvented Hot Water Systems depend entirely on high flow rates and high pressure being available from the water main at all times. Particularly during periods of peak demand the signs of poor flow rates and low pressure are that Basins and Baths take an age to fill, the toilet won’t flush shortly after use or the shower is reduced to just a dribble. Your Hot & Cold Water systems simply don’t perform as you had once expected.

A solution to this situation would be to install a “Water Boosting System” to increase flow rates and poor water pressure.

So what does this entail?

It’s simple really; Dependent on your own situation this may be as simple as installing a “Pressure Accumulating Vessel” to your existing system or if from our survey, your public water supply simply can’t accommodate the appliances or number of bathrooms installed, there may also be a requirement to install a booster pump to supplement the pressure during periods of peak usage.


We can survey your property to determine which system would be best for your installation. Generally, if you have good water pressure but poor flow rate, or you have multiple bathrooms requiring a high demand, then a simple “Pressure Accumulating Vessel” may be sufficient. If our survey indicates you have low incoming water pressure than we may need to also consider including a booster pump.


So to ensure your Hot & Cold water supplies always perform to their maximum capacity,

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