Power Flushing:

Your heating system may need to be power flushed if you can identify any of the following symptoms.

  • Frequent bleeding of radiators
  • Radiators struggling to heat up where once they were okay
  • Cold spots towards the middle and bottom of radiators
  • Radiators leaking (pin holing)
  • Surging of air upon pump start up
  • Banging or rattling of pipework when in operation

The fact is if you have any of these symptoms your system is costing you money through higher fuel costs and premature failure of system components. The reality is that your system is corroding internally (rusting). The primary culprit is that Air (dissolved oxygen) is entering your system due to either poor system design/installation or frequent refill water being added. Even sealed systems are susceptible to air ingress and because they don’t have an open vent pipe, they are notoriously difficult to rid of circulating air.

Another fact: Power Flushing alone won’t solve your problems.

However, Power Flushing is a critical part of the overall process to restore your system back to full health and to achieve its optimum operating efficiencies.

Whilst Power Flushing will initially restore the quality of your circulating fluid, it is of paramount importance that the root cause of the problem is identified and rectified. Otherwise the problem will reoccur over time with the resultant repeat costs.

“Beware the companies that sell power flushing as a total fix” – It just isn’t the case”

Ask them to explain “sick system syndrome”

Were you aware that our company Director has had previous specialist experience in this field when back in 2004 he helped establish Dutch Manufacturing company Spirotech as Market leaders into the UK Commercial Heating market. Spirotech have been established in the Netherlands since 1968, manufacturing Deaeration & Dirt Separation equipment. This makes them the world’s first into this particular market.

Subsequently all our engineers are trained to identify system errors that usually go missed or ignored by the majority of other companies.

Any Power Flush process should include a full system survey to identify design faults such as incorrectly located neutral point, the wrong pre-charge pressure of expansion vessels, signs of minor leakage leading to fluid loss hence frequent refill water being added, signs of safety valve discharge etc.

Our Power Flushing process always includes all the above items and sometimes more if we feel it’s necessary.

We always install a “Spirotech Deaeration” device as part of our costs to ensure further removal of both “free air” and “dissolved gases” using the principles of Henry’s Law of Physics, which we are happy to explain and demonstrate during our visit or you can just “Google” it for yourself. You will never have to bleed a radiator again.

Sometimes we have to make minor alterations to the system pipework to rectify design and installation issues (root cause of the problem.) This additional work is not included in our pricing, but everything will be explained and approved prior to going ahead and you can rest assured that we will leave your system in a better operating condition than it was on day one.

Power Flushing

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